Karma Car Uses Your Mood To Create the Perfect Driving Experience

Karma Car Uses Your Mood To Create the Perfect Driving Experience

Imagining a custom, perfect driving experience is easier than ever. The tech is here and us, humans, have never had trouble dreaming big. But actually turning those dreams into reality… let’s just say, we’re used to giving it YEARS. However, after we’ve seen the interior of this Karma smart car, we’re inclined to think it might take less time than we thought.

This Karma car version at CES 2020 showed us that ideas can be put into practice and “smart cars” are more than just EVs on their way to becoming fully autonomous.

Thanks to imaging and audio technology, carmakers can craft an in-cabin experience tailored to the driver’s and the passengers’ tastes. Tim Tenniswood, Senior Director Automotive at DTS (Xperi), explained how face recognition inside the vehicle can be the base for a suite of user experiences.


As soon as Yue (in this case, our driver) jumped in, the car could greet her by name, adjust her seat position to her preferences, tune in to her favorite radio station and even set the interior lighting to her liking.

By using a camera to monitor the driver, the car keeps them safe, through visual and auditory alerts but also takes notice of their behavior. So, when you’re sharing the car, you may be alerted to quit an awful habit the other driver hates. Alternatively, the camera can read emotions, moods; if you’re sad, it can put your favorite song on to cheer you up or that inspirational podcast to get you out of your funk.


Speaking about music, DTS Connected Radio is making the radio listening experience smarter than ever. You don’t just switch the station until you find something you like; no, you’re capable of seeing what every station is playing.

With that available metadata, the car of the future will be able to recommend stations, concerts to go to, and more. Best of all? Connected Radio is not subscription-based; if a carmaker has decided to include it, all the users of that car will have access to it.


What does all of this mean? You’ll be able to make your car your own, knowing that no other person has quite the same vehicle as you. Ok, the outside may look the same – same model and frame, from the same manufacturer. But all the paint jobs you could do to distinguish it from others will have a correspondence on the interior, from the greeting and lighting to the entertainment broadcasted.

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