Clicbot Is a Lego Style Robot That Looks Just Like the Pixar Lamp

Clicbot Is a Lego Style Robot That Looks Just Like the Pixar Lamp

What do you get when you blend robotics with modular design? LEGO-style parts came together to form the cutest robot we’ve seen in a while: Clicbot.

Clicbot would look like a glorified desk decoration if it weren’t for the facial animations it can do which reminds us of the Pixar lamp. Produced by Keyi Tech, Clicbot is a programmable robot for kids.

It’s easy to liven up, through the drag-and-drop programming app it comes from. There, it can be made to follow users around the house, hold your phone during livestreams or bring your cup of coffee, spill-free.

It also can take a myriad of shapes thanks to the creative kits Keyi Tech has imagined. It can crawl, walk or drive around, depending on the user’s wishes; in one example, Clicbot even stayed glued to the window, looking curiously at its owner.

At CES 2020, one Clicbot unit was so cuddly and fun, Yue got attached and named it Bruce. Incredibly energetic, Bruce looked around, tried to jump up and down and cuddled with our colleague, especially after some well-placed scratches. All those cute animations are the work of a Pixar animator.

According to the robotics company, Clicbot will be available through Kickstarter for consumers at a price around $350. Shipping is going to start this March.

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