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LG G8 ThinQ Sets Up Studio Lights Faster Than A Team of Photographers

Camera, action… lights?! The backward process doesn’t seem baffling once you get a chance to play with LG G8 ThinQ’s Spotlight camera feature.

The phone has many tricks up its sleeve, but probably the one consumers will use the most is the relighting feature, neatly integrated in the native camera app. In preview mode, any LG G8 user can now tinker with more than just crop, brightness, highlights and shadows or preloaded filters.

They can do in a blink of an eye what a photographer (or 2-3) would accomplish in minutes, if not more.

Studio lighting is not easy, not when you’re a beginner nor when you’re working in a new environment. Setting up the lights, finding the flattering angle for your subject is self-taught with practice being your best instructor.

When you don’t have the time, knowledge or patience, this Spotlight feature comes in handy, as we found out at Mobile World Congress. Buchanan and I tried Spotlight in different indoor settings, all flooded in different artificial lights and realized that no matter the environment, we could find in seconds the right light position. Just by touching the screen and dragging the circular icon where we wanted to.

The adjustments take place in real time, so we saw the changes instantly and took selfies as easy as we did before.

The relighting feature, showcased at the Xperi booth.

To get this novel feature on board, LG partnered up with FotoNation – Xperi, the same company that provided the 3D face recognition solution for Face Unlock.

The phone’s primary biometric systems are touchless, as you can see in our hands-on video above.

The LG G8 ThinQ can be unlocked with your face in less than 200 milliseconds, using FotoNation’s technology – FaceSafe – that can’t be spoofed by print, video or 3D masks! The phone is also using vein recognition for the first time, which ties in nicely with their Jedi-like gesture control interface.

On the audio side of things, G8 is a more than solid device. Not only does it emit sound through the display, but it has the company’s Boombox speaker and DTS:X surround sound.

Bottom line: Up until now, we had not seen an Android phone do this type of processing before capture, in real-time, and with a finesse that still made the end result look natural. LG G8′ 3D depth-sensing technology serves a multitude of purposes, of course, but this one seemed the most intuitive, useful and fun of all, while being one of the best surprises – camera-wise – from Mobile World Congress 2019.

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