LG G8X ThinQ: 9 Ways It’s Better Than LG G8 ThinQ

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Just like every other “X”, “S” or “R” out there that announces an upgraded phone not a truly new one, the LG G8X ThinQ is a refresh of the device launched this Spring. So what does LG really improve this time around, only months later? Quite a few things, we found out.

Bigger display

If a 6.1-inch screen just doesn’t do it for you, the G8X ThinQ comes with a slight improvement. The new screen is a bit bigger, coming in at 6.4-inches although that doesn’t translate into more display estate. Unfortunately, the screen-to-body ratio is slightly smaller than the previous version.

Waterdrop lens

Yes! LG ditched the notch – albeit narrower than the one seen at Apple – in favor of a waterdrop one. This format wraps around the front camera, disrupting the visual experience less.

Bigger battery

The company bumped the battery from a 3,500mAh cell to a 4,000mAh one. That’s not a small increase and it will definitely result in more usage time, since you still have the Quick Charge feature.

Better selfie camera

Here is where specs really speak out loud. The previous 8MP front camera has been replaced with a huge 32MP one, LG seemingly intent on offering a model that will appeal to influencers more than the G8.

 Third screens, instead of two

Now, everyone has been talking about the phone’s Dual Screen attachment that the previous model also had. If you remember, its best use case was as a gamepad. Now, LG has upgraded that accessory with an added third screen that might seem invisible at first glance. However, as we found out at IFA, it’s exactly on the outside of the Dual Screen. At 2.1-inches, tts purpose is to show things like time, date, battery charge, notifications without opening the Dual Screen.

360 Freestop hinge

The hinge that connects the Dual Screen to the LG G8X ThinQ has been improved, allowing it for 360-degree of folding. This means you can turn the screen as you would a book cover, to hold it better into one hand.

USB-C connector for Dual Screen

The connector between the phone and the second and third screens is now a USB-C type. No more old school pogo pins, guys!


Big ASMR fan? You’ll appreciate this addition – an ASMR recording mode. In this mode, the mic is sensitive enough to capture such content meaning it’s turned up by 10db. When listening, you can enjoy super quality sound thanks to DTS:X surround sound.

New video feature

Last but not least, LG says – we didn’t get the chance to test it – that you can switch between front and rear cameras while recording video for the first time. Again, this is something we’ve seen at other gaming phones at IFA, since it’s such a handy feature for streaming.

What does it lack from the previous model? Unfortunately, 3D face recognition and vein recognition, as well as a triple camera module version, although it does offer under-display fingerprint recognition.

What do you think – can LG G8X ThinQ be considered a gaming phone? Or it remains a smartphone with some gaming features?

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  1. Paw

    October 13, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    with the dual screen attched, the volume rocker is hidden.

    • Mara Anton

      October 22, 2019 at 1:44 pm

      Indeed, but only when you open it at 180-degrees. If you fold it to 360-degrees, you can take advantage of the cover’s volume buttons.

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