LG Snubs Apple With Cold Remark About The iPhone SE

LG V10
LG V10

Apple may have released quite the treat Monday, but LG isn’t at all concerned by the competition. While Apple is certainly becoming a temptation for those who are fond of smaller devices and reasonable prices, LG CEO is confident that innovative products and new, great features are more appealing than a trusted success recipe.

At an event in Seoul, LG CEO Cho Ju-no spoke in less than pleasant terms about Apple’s latest handset. To him, the company is just “rolling out a product with same-old technology and features” that is clearly “not LG’s way.” Indeed, Apple has simply put together a device that looks like the 5S with features that were first introduced in the 6S. Although this opens up a whole new world for aspiring Millenials, LG is putting all his money on playfulness and new experiences as #mobilemagic ingredients.

LG G5 is not only an interesting modular phone but it comes with Friends that give you the opportunity to do almost everything you have dreamed of! Besides, the mid-range devices released this week, LG X cam and X screen, are doubling the features most customers love.

Could this be the winning strategy in 2016?

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