LMcable Unites Apple And Samsung Users With One Connector That Works With Both

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You might be an Apple die-hard fan, but maybe your company is more Samsung inclined. Thus, you’re forced to use two different mobile phones on a daily basis, one for work and one for personal affairs. With them, come two “great” responsibilities – carrying around two different chargers, since Samsung and all other Android devices work with Micro USB, while Apple is keen on its Lightning connector.

LMcable feels our pain and is set on making our lives easier with a suitable cable for both systems. One side of the cable is great for microUSB gadgets, the other one is perfect for Lightning devices. From the looks of it, it’s simple and straightforward with fast charging also, at 2.4 A. Besides, the cables look pretty neat with their leather cover and are bound to get some compliments along the way 😉

The Kickstarter campaign has gone viral, so the products didn’t only reach the funding goal but surpassed it with $70 thousand dollars! In this context, LMcable is going to sell for $21 and start shipping in April.


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