Placing This One High On The List Of Adorable Things: The Lofree QTV
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Lofree QTV Is High on Our List of Adorable Gadgets

Credit: Lofree

I’ll admit it: I’ve yelled about this speaker for a solid 5 minutes when I first saw it. Yes, in a world of smartphones, tablets and Alexas, the speaker is practically useless but you know what? It’s adorable as hell and I want to have it based on that reason alone.

The Lofree QTV portable wireless speaker looks like a little vintage TV. And when I say little I mean it fits in your palm.

You can grab it from Amazon for $99, in your choice of color, though take note it might take more or less two weeks for it to arrive.

You can set timers and alarms on the QTV and you can record your own voice to wake you up if you feel like it. When you listen to music, the speaker shows a record player on the screen and if you switch modes, the screen will show static for a second. It also shows the time easily.

If you’re wondering what’s the antenna’s purpose, well it’s certainly not just for aesthetics. When a timer is active, you can press on it to pause it. By pressing it for a little longer, you will discover a tiny, hidden feature. What is it? You can see it in the presentation video below.

Credit: Lofree / YouTube 

Are you a lover of retro-looking things? If so, would you purchase the device?

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