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LVL Up! Hydration Tracker Measures, In Real Time, How Much Water You Need

Since kids, we were told to drink plenty of water during physical education and in each lunch break. But as adults, we’ve switched water for coffee or black tea, completely oblivious to the fact that both, while liquid, dehydrate. You might feel fine at first, but in time chronic dehydration is a serious issue, leading to headaches, dizziness and then some. So, a start-up came up with a solution to keep yourself in check – a hydration tracker called LVL #objectmagic

Unlike other tracking devices, BSX Technologies says their product is 10x more thorough in its body analysis because it uses red light. The near-infrared light is able to provide a more accurate result by measuring ten times as many physiologic signals simultaneously. The device doesn’t just tell you how dehydrated you are, but will give you the exact amount of water you need to drink to accomplish your goals.

LVL straps

Since LVL measures heart rate, sleep, activity and mood, it can correlate the results showing you exactly how better your life would be like if you drank a certain water quantity. Another thing taken into consideration is sweat rate. Yep, the device can tell you how much you’re sweating and how frequent. Just make sure you’re alone when you check that one; it can be a conversation stopper.

LVL is now up on Kickstarter, raising funds to make this product mainstream. Price? $119. Might be worth a try, if it would mean less health issues.

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