Maingear, the Gaming PC Maker, Is Now Building Emergency Ventilators

Maingear, the Gaming PC Maker, Is Now Building Emergency Ventilators

A lot of people and companies alike had to pivot their expertise these days to cope with the coronavirus crisis and PC gaming darling Maingear is now pitching in.

To help fight the shortage, Maingear switched from high-end gaming PCs to the LIV – a ventilator prototype that still looks like a gaming PC!

The company, based in New Jersey, announced that it will retool a lot of its manufacturing facilities, just like Dyson, to make ventilators that hospitals can use for COVID-19 patients.

Meet the Maingear LIV, a ventilator with impressive specs, housed in a gaming PC case to match.

The Maingear LIV has a complex oxygen delivery system controlled by a touch-screen, which can power on and deliver oxygen based on easily selected presets in just 1.5 seconds.

maingear liv emergency ventilator

“The MAINGEAR LIV Emergency Pulmonary Ventilator is designed to work safely even in the event that all sensors fail. The device is designed for critically ill and intubated patients (patients undergoing intensive therapy), offering fully automated operation with or without a breath trigger. All of these specifications can be upgraded via software.”

You can review the Maingear LIV specifications and safety features here.

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