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This Mercedes Maybach Can Take You On An Augmented Reality Ride

Mercedes Benz is back with a kickass concept for an electric car. The Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 doesn’t just take the gold where design is concerned but also offers an AR ride worthy of the future #automagic

If the photo doesn’t speak for itself yet, then let lead designer Gorden Wagener do it in a couple of words: “sensual purity” meeting “aerodynamic efficiency”. The hot red color used only heightens the luxurious, dangerous feeling the car gives, as the elongated form with low roof and rear cabin remind us of classic coupes.

When you’re in the front seat, get ready to see not just the exterior surroundings but also all kinds of driving data, as Mercedes wants to take advantage of the current augmented reality trend.

In all other aspects, the Mercedes Maybach 6 is a powerful sports car. Check under the hood and you’ll see four electric motors that offer 550kW of power and 738 horsepower. The car can go up to 200 miles, helped in part by an extra 80 kWh hidden in the floorboard. You can go 310 miles on a single charge at a top speed of 155mph!

Since Mercedes confirmed this week that the company was working on a new EV with a range of 250-310 miles so this concept might put Tesla to shame pretty soon…

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