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Throw Disc And Defeat Friends In Tron-Inspired VR Game

Virtual reality is pretty amazing with a great headset at your disposal but if you can get one friend to go along… it might turn into a one-on-one battle. Project Arena is all about putting two guys in a ring and recreate the atmosphere from the movie Tron #realitymagic

CCP developed Project Arena as a way for fans to experience Tron directly, from the position of a fighter. Using Oculus Touch or HTC Vive, you can throw light discs at your opponent. Hit him directly or use the walls for an element of surprise. You get only one disc so every throw counts. If you miss, you’ll have to wait for its return, like a boomerang. To defend yourself against attacks, move swiftly or, depending on the skills of your opponent, use the shield provided. Mind you – it works only three times, so use it wisely.

As in any game since the beginning of the world, you get 3 lives. After two rounds, you’ll lose one or put your adversary in difficulty.

Sounds fun? We can imagine spending an hour like this, after work. It would certainly make for a very cool team building activity. Let’s just hope passes the project phase to become a full game.

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