Mini Vision Next 100 Changes Appearance With Every New Driver

Mini Vision Next 100 is all about sharing. The electric car was thought as a customizable concept at every ride, changing to fit the driver’s needs #automagic

Unlike the popular Minis you see in almost every major European city, this Mini can’t be owned. The electrical car concept is completely autonomous, designed to come at any driver address. The Mini Vision Next 100 will be available for order through an app.

From the moment you start driving the car, you can set it up however you choose to. The silver car exterior is a projector that can take the colors and pattern you establish through the app. Plus, every setting you make will remain stored in the cloud, ready to reappear when you need its service again.

The front of the future Mini is completely transparent and the interior, minimal, with just a steering wheel and the round speedometer. That doesn’t mean you’ll be completely alone at the wheel, though. The Cooperizer, Mini’s AI assistant, will be there to inspire you by showing recent places you’ve gone to or move swiftly on a treacherous path.

The Mini Vision Next 100 was showcased in London this summer.

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