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Mogees Play Music

Mogees Play Transforms Any Object Into A Musical Interface

You know the guy who always plays invisible drums? Always banging and keeping the rhythm in the office. If you can’t make him stop, why not take his hobby to the next level? A bearable level, that is. Mogees Play is a smart sensor that transforms any surface or object into a musical interface #objectmagic

Crowdfunded this summer, the product is now available to buy here.  Mogees Play features a cable that goes into a smartphone and a smart sensor that attaches to the object you want. In return, it senses the vibrations emitted every time the object is touched and records various data from it like speed, timbre and length.

Then, the information is analyzed by Mogees software and transformed into sounds and visuals on the smartphone. You can manipulate it further by using one of the three apps from Mogees: Pulse, Jam and Keys. Completely free of charge, each one does something different to the sounds captured.

Pulse is like a rhythm game with multiple levels. The more you play, the better you get at finding the rhythm, timbre and velocity needed. Jam is a music creator and editor that uses the object’s acoustic properties to form a tune. Finally, Keys is, as you guessed, an app to create melodies and arpeggios from notes.

Mogees says that as new apps are developed, they’re going to be made available to those who bought the devices. Mogees Play costs $49.99.

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Mogees Play Transforms Any Object Into A Musical Interface
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