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Microsoft Intends To Make Your PC A Home Hub

Home Hub with Windows 10

Microsoft’s intention to launch a home hub, an after-work digital assistant like Amazon and Google did, has been a longtime suspicion of ours. After presenting Cortana for PC, the shift was only natural. Yet, a recent report indicates that Microsoft might not launch a stand-alone product to achieve that. In fact, your computer could do the work instead #softwaremagic

According to Windows Central,  the Home Hub expected by all of us is actually a feature we’ll get a taste of in Creators Update. The full version will arrive at the beginning of 2018. The software is going to allow Cortana to track and communicate family info so it can be a true shared service. Calendars, task lists, notifications that concern all family members will be displayed on the PC screen.

That’s actually Microsoft’s biggest selling point for Home Hub. It can make use of a display, unlike Google Home or Amazon Echo. As to its ability to connect smart home devices, don’t worry: Home Hub is set to integrate with Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T) systems. Compatible home devices should be recognized immediately.

Unfortunately, this can happen in two years, if you’re lucky. Until then, a lot can change on the IoT market.

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