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Naked 3D Body Scanner
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Naked 3D Mirror Acts As A Body Scanner

Mirrors can be more than vanity objects if you turn them into body scanners, like Naked Labs did. Their 3D mirror is capable of telling changes in weight and body fat percentage on the spot #objectmagic

Naked 3D mirror comes with a smart scale that is activated the moment you step on it. In the same time, the mirror comes to life, scanning your entire body and producing a 3D model image of yourself. All the data collected from the scale appears on the companion app. There, you can see measurements, body fat percentage, weight, muscle gain. The “heat map” will highlight those areas where you’re losing or gaining muscle/fat.

Optionally, you can select two bits of information to make comparisons or a time lapse of your body changes to see how you’ve evolved over the weeks.

Theoretically, this home body scanner should motivate you to keep going to the gym, jogging, swimming or doing any other activity that keeps your body in check. The 2-in-1 device should transform a morning habit into a productive activity. Unless… the disappointing numbers transform the whole thing into an ordeal.

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Naked 3D Mirror Acts As A Body Scanner
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