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Nike Uses Patent From 1983 to Sue Lululemon For Their Smart Mirror

Nike, the sportswear giant, is going after Lululemon, a leggings giant, with a lawsuit accusing them of patent infringement.

In June 2020, Lululemon entered the home gym market with more than just leggings – the company bought a home fitness startup called Mirror for $500 million. Mirror makes…well, a smart mirror. The Mirror is a full-size interactive device that lets users interact with live fitness instructors and it apparently uses a patent Nike has owned since 1983.

Lululemon is on the hook to pay patent infringement damages to Nike, as the company says it has a patent for home devices that prompt users to exercise, logging their heart rate, speed and calories burned.

Now, decades and thousands of such devices from most fitness brands later, Nike filed a suit against Lululemon for its ownership of Mirror.

Lululemon shot back in a statement to CNBC that the patents “in question are overly broad and invalid”, which means we’re probably looking at a protracted legal battle.

Lululemon is also involved in another patent lawsuit with Peloton – they accused the sports bike maker of stealing the designs of their leggings and sports bras.

Peloton Launches “Personal Trainer” Camera for Weightlifting Workouts

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Nike Uses Patent From 1983 to Sue Lululemon For Their Smart Mirror
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