CES 2022: TCL Glasses Get Redesign, Look Less Matrix, More Ray-Ban

Last year, TCL unveiled their Wearable Display, a pair of smart glasses that could double as your personal cinema on the go. However, the design lacked a bit of finesse. Now, the company showed off their an updated pair, the NXTWEAR AIR and let me tell you… they look less Matrix and more Ray-Ban.

The Wearable Display glasses reminded me of Neo’s pair with its sort of unframed, oval lenses. It wasn’t a bad look per say even if the nose pads were pretty quirky and the arms wider than expected.

They were an acquired taste for sure so TCL redesigned them to suit more people. The NXTWEAR AIR frames and overall look could now sit comfortably between pairs of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

That could be problematic considering the brand’s foray in the tech world and their work with Meta.

However, the design is earning TCL some big points.

They’re subtle enough to be lost in a sea of sunglasses on the street which is something most of us will want as smart glasses become more mainstream.

In the same time, TCL made sure to reduce the weight of the wearable by 30% and came up with a set of interchangeable frames so you decide what suits you best.

The tech, however, remained largely unchanged. We’re still counting on an 140-inch screen in front of our eyes, when viewed from around 13 feet away.

The glasses come with a USB-C cable which should be used with a PC or phone to power the device up and send the content its way. When talking about content, we mean both movies and games. And before you ask, yes, the NXTWEAR AIR comes with built-in stereo speakers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your cinema or gaming experience with a pair of headphones on.

The price and launch date of the device are still up in the air but if we consider its predecessor, we are looking at a price tag of $700.

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CES 2022: TCL Glasses Get Redesign, Look Less Matrix, More Ray-Ban

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