Finally, This Tech Giant is Releasing Stylish Smart Glasses This Year

Smart glasses are starting to pick up steam. Just at the end of 2020, a pair from Stellar dropped on our desks, looking the sleekest we’ve seen yet. But like many wearable displays coming from small companies, the chances of seeing those selling widely and at decent prices are slim. No, what we need is a major tech company getting behind the trend. And it seems we’re in luck as, during the first day of digital CES 2021, one reputable tech giant announced it’s ready to bring to market its sunglasses-style wearable display.

TCL is the consumer electronics leader that is promising to make their long-awaited Project Archery a reality in 2021.

We’ve heard rumors about this product since IFA 2019 and seen the prototype on stage at CES but TCL never committed to releasing it before. Well, now, they finally seem happy with the design (tweaked a couple of times before) and functionality.

There’s no headband in sight this time around, as TCL returned to the sunglasses-style design preferred in the beginning. But the device is less bulky than before, the arms look lighter and the lenses thinner. The nose pads could’ve been smaller, in my opinion, but I can’t tell how comfortable they are until I try them on.

Tech-wise, this Wearable Display will have twin 1080p Full HD micro OLED displays which will give users a 140-degree inch view. And with a density of 49 pixels-per-degree.

You’ll be able to connect this to any device that has a USB-C port and supports 1080p resolution. Once connected, you’ll be carrying with you an entire home cinema everywhere you go.

Ok, ok, that might be a bit of a stretch but you will have a large TV in front of your eyes that you can look at from your bed, or while waiting in line or sipping coffee outdoors.

Unlike AR glasses or VR headsets, you’ll not embarrass yourself wearing these, as you won’t be completely cut off from reality. And you’re not going to find yourself playing VR games, and stumbling into your coffee table, or hitting a wall while at it.

Think of these as just a portable TV, one that’s right under on your nose. TCL Wearable Display will sell in select markets.

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Finally, This Tech Giant is Releasing Stylish Smart Glasses This Year
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