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TCL 2021 Mini LED TVs Are the Thinnest Yet – Here’s How They Did It

Two words come to mind when we’re talking about modern TV displays: big and thin. That’s what we wish for, right? Well, TCL has kept that in mind when coming with this year’s latest screens, the OD Zero line and XL Collection.

Mini LED TVs are nothing new (at least for tech insiders) but the displays still range in size and thickness. In other words, there are still world records to break.

TCL noticed that too so, this year, the company said they would launch their 3rd generation of mini-LED backlight TVs with OD Zero technology. This means they will essentially sell the thinnest mini LED TVs yet, where the distance between TCL’s mini-LED backlight layer and the LCD display layer is 0mm!

There is no set date in sight, just a vague “later this year” but according to a TCL press release, we should expect to see all 6-Series TCL Roku TV bear the mini-LED OD Zero technology and 8K resolution.

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That’s what TCL plans to do about thinning their TV displays. When it comes to making them bigger, they designed an entire product series, the XL Collection.

These will be the first 85” displays from TCL, in three flavors: from an 85” 4-Series TCL Roku TV that allows you to enjoy 4K HDR streaming and an 85” 4K HDR TCL Roku TV with QLED picture quality to the 85” mini-LED powered 8K TCL TV with QLED wide color technology.

The 4-Series TCL Roku TV 85” set (85R435) launching later this quarter will go for $1599. The 85” QLED TCL Roku TV(85R745) and 85” mini-LED powered 8KTV will arrive in the months to follow.

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TCL 2021 Mini LED TVs Are the Thinnest Yet – Here’s How They Did It

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