TCL 20 5G Is €100 Cheaper Than its Predecessor

Image: gsmarena

TCL just announced that “some” of the five TCL 20 Series phones launched this year will come to the US. With a less expensive 5G-equipped 600-series Qualcomm processor, the TCL 20 5G is likely to have a price drop of approximately €100/$120 compared to last year’s version.

Photo: gsmarena

The 2021 model will integrate a lower power chipset than its predecessor, the new Snapdragon 690 5G processor, which boosts low- and midband 5G frequencies but not mmWave.

There are no surprises in terms of display hardware, as the phone offers the same 450-nit brightness. The SDR content is converted to HDR in real-time, and for this model, the resolution has been improved.

The phone’s triple-camera array now allows advanced phase-detect autofocus for the main 48-megapixel camera. It also offers a display calibration mode for better color accuracy, HDR10 video playback support, and an 8-megapixel front camera.

TCL 20 5gG has a 4,500mAh battery, fingerprint sensor, and runs on Android 10. For now, the phone is available for €299 in Italy, with more countries to come in February, while 20 SE – which doesn’t support 5G but has a 5,000 mAh battery and dual speakers – will cost €149.

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TCL 20 5G Is €100 Cheaper Than its Predecessor
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