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OrCam MyEye Pro Reads Out To the Visually Impaired, Wins CES Innovation Award

As with every year, the CES Innovation Award goes to a gadget that can make life a lot better.

This year, at CES 2022, the OrCam MyEye Pro is the winner and it’s easy to see why.

This product clips on to glasses and helps the visually impaired or blind by reading out text, whether it’s printed or digital.

With the “Smart Reading” feature, it’s like having a Ctrl+F function on the PC – the wearers can find specific information fast using text-to-speech.

The OrCam MyEye Pro can also help identify products and even recognize people.

“We are living in uncertain times, yet… our users’ challenges related to access have not stopped during the pandemic. If anything, they have intensified,” said OrCam co-founder and co-chairman Prof. Amnon Shashua.

The glasses accessory can be completely controlled by the Hey OrCam voice assistant, so it’s a great day-to-day gadget that can make a lot of activities accessible to the visually impaired.

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OrCam MyEye Pro Reads Out To the Visually Impaired, Wins CES Innovation Award
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