Samsung Introduces The Foldable Future At CES 2022: Flex S and Flex G


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As is always the case during every CES event, a lot of the big names in the tech industry introduce new concepts and devices to the world and Samsung is one of those.

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This year, the company has confirmed its commitment to the foldable and introduced no less than four devices that will most likely pave the way for the future foldable generations to come. 

Samsung has managed to excel in this particular sector thanks to models like the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, which are widely successful foldable devices and have visibly improved since the first generation. 

During the Las Vegas event, the company has now flexed its foldable muscles with four new prototypes: the Flex G, Flex S, Flex Slidable and Flex Note. 

To begin with, the company introduced the Samsung Flex S, a device that folds and unfolds according to the needs of the user and can be used as both a smartphone and a tablet, depending on how it’s folded.

The Flex G on the other hand, can be folded inwards twice, more or less in a G-like shape. The best thing about it is that, once closed, the display is fully protected from any damage caused by scratches or drops. 

The Flex Slidable is the only device out of all four that looks similar to what we’ve seen so far – this smartphone has an extendable display that extends horizontally, to allow for a larger screen.

If the design looks familiar to some of you, it might be because it slightly resembles the 2021’s Oppo X. 

While all three of the devices listed and shown above are impressive in their own way, the one that stole the show was definitely the Samsung Flex Note – this device open up a large 17 inch screen that can be folded to create a 13 inch diagonal laptop. 

The Flex Note comes in two versions: one folds along the horizontal, while the other, along the vertical. 

Samsung has not revealed when it will put this new technology on the market but it’s fair to assume we might see some of them in the wild at some point this year. 


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Samsung Introduces The Foldable Future At CES 2022: Flex S and Flex G
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