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5 Best Tech Items Released in 2021

Technological advancements have become so crazy that most new releases seem like something that came out of a futuristic movie. Because there were so many exciting releases this year, picking the top five was quite difficult. We’ve seen some cool, best phone tracker apps that are military-grade, and a lot of great gadgets. Our team of experts has handpicked the gadgets that will make your jaw drop! Let’s start.

1. Trova Home – $549

Trova Home is probably the most stylish safe you’ll ever see. The size is just over 14 inches and Trova Home can be paired with an app so that users can access the safe immediately. It also boasts humidity sensors, biometric security, a secure bolt, and odor concealers. You can pre-order it on the company’s website.

2. LG Transparent OLED TV – $87,000

Transparent TVs have become a reality, and we’re very excited to see this beast perform. LG has decided to bite the bullet and design this extraordinary LG Transparent OLED TV that looks sleek, clean, and simply impressive. The screen size is 55 inches and the transparency can reach a staggering 40%. This is the highest level of transparency when compared to all other transparent TVs on the market.

3. myQ Pet Portal – $2,999

If you’re a pet owner, then you’ll love this tool. Let’s face it, traditional pet doors simply aren’t as convenient as we’d like them to be. Not only can they get stuck, but they can also be exploited as a security flaw that burglars can use to enter your home.

myQPet solves that issue and makes the whole process much easier to handle. It comes with a special Bluetooth collar that activates the doggy door once the dog is in a certain vicinity. Once Bluetooth sensors connect to each other, the dog door will open automatically.

You can also choose to receive messages from the door once the dog is nearby, and you can open the door through their app.

4. TCL Wearable Display – $650

This is another innovative tool that acts as a portable high-quality television set. Some argue that this tool is completely unnecessary, especially if you own a 1080p OLED TV. It uses the same principles as a regular 1080p OLED TVs, but it’s only used on a smaller surface area, aka the sunglasses. The whole purpose of this gadget is to make its users feel as if they’re looking at an 140-inch TV that’s 4 meters away from their face.

5. Cove – $490

It seems like we’re living in a Black Mirror episode since apparently, there’s a tool that can influence your habits only by wearing it on your head for 20 minutes a day.

Cove is an innovative tool that promises to fix how Americans deal with work-related stress. It uses light vibrations that are spread behind the ears, which supposedly activates certain parts of the brain that are in charge of anxiety. So far, users have reported that Cove makes them feel very relaxed and fall asleep much quicker. Since this is a rather new product, we’re excited to see upcoming customer testimonials.

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5 Best Tech Items Released in 2021

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