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This Black + Decker Bev Robot Bartender Is Like A Keurig For Cocktails

Love cocktails so much you’d need a personal bartender to keep you happy?

The new Black + Decker Bev is a robot bartender that works kinda like a Keurig for cocktails.

Instead of coffee pods and water, it takes juice pods and actual booze.

To mix a cocktail, you fill it up with water in its container, put in a pod with juice or bitters, then pick one of five standard bottles: vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or, if you wanna go all out, tequila.

The Black + Decker Bev will then pump out precise quantities of each liquid, pass them through the flavor capsule, then pour the cocktail out in a glass. Lastly, it cleans itself by flushing itself with water and air. This makes drinks in under 30 seconds, according to Stanley Black & Decker. You can make most of the popular bar mixes like Long Island Ice Tea or simple whiskey sours.

Thanks to, whose team went to CES 2022, we also have a look on how the machine works.

It’s also like a Keurig in terms of pricing too. Not only does it use its proprietary pods but also has a DRM that scans the barcode on the capsules – so you won’t be able to refill them at home.

The pods are made by Bartesian and will cost $15 for a pack of six.

As for the Black & Decker Bev itself, it will cost $300.

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This Black + Decker Bev Robot Bartender Is Like A Keurig For Cocktails
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