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Peloton Launches “Personal Trainer” Camera for Weightlifting Workouts

Once the pandemic hit and lockdowns started being the norm, Peloton’s smart bike became a household staple. Banking on that success, Peloton is hoping to strike gold again, this time with a smart camera for weightlifting workouts: Peloton Guide.

Unlike their hit bike, this product takes into account different budgets and needs, catering to weight lifters and selling for under $500.

Then again, Peloton Guide is not a fitness machine per se. Peloton rather sees it as a personal trainer of sorts, a pair of eyes that’s able to observe the user’s progress and correct their form.

The AI-powered camera is meant to be connected to a TV via HDMI cable. Then, once a user is logged in their Peloton account, it will recommend live strength workouts and offer on-demand content from Peloton’s library.

So what’s the difference from the Peloton app? The Guide comes with Movement Tracker and Self-Mode.

Movement Tracker is somehow able to motivate users to complete the exercises and follow the instructor to the best of their abilities. Self-Mode, on the other hand, casts a feed of the user on-screen, next to the instructors, so they can compare the workouts and see where there’s place for improvement. Users will also notice recommendations for classes depending on their previous workouts.

Peloton Guide comes with a heart rate monitoring armband whose results are visible on screen during the entire workout. Buyers will also find a remote for stopping, starting or skipping classes but the Guide can receive voice commands, as well.

Indeed, the camera comes with an embedded mic that can be switched on and off, just like the camera lens can be covered by a shutter.

Peloton Guide is expected to arrive in early 2022 in U.S. and Canada and then roll out in Australia, the U.K. and Germany.

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Peloton Launches “Personal Trainer” Camera for Weightlifting Workouts
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