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Zozofit Refines the Body Scanning Concept with A Clever Suit And Your Own Phone

One of the coolest companies on showcase at SXSW is Zozofit, an affordable body scanning tool that helps you measure your fitness progress and goals.

How does it work? Unlike the 3D body scanners we covered in the past, which retailed for hundreds and included heavy tech, the Zozofit is basically a funky outfit paired with an app.

Our reporter Yue Xu, who’s all about fitness and wearables, tried the Zozofit suit and had herself scanned.

wearing a zozofit suit

As a Zozofit rep told us, there are no sensors inside a Zozofit suit. Instead, the pattern of empty or full dots instructs the app to create an incredibly detailed 3D map of your body, using the camera on your phone. 

The suit is washable and reusable, so more people in your household could try it on, and is made of a sheer, stretchy material. 

a zozofit suit

On their website, the company says that the Zozofit can track and visualize changes even at 1/4 inches, having a precision comparable to a laser scanner.

The Zozofit retails for $98 and is currently available only in the US.

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Zozofit Refines the Body Scanning Concept with A Clever Suit And Your Own Phone
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