Nintendo Switch Version 10.0.0 Adds Button Mapping and Data Transfer

Nintendo just released their newest Switch System Update, Ver. 10.0.0, and this one looks to be one of the biggest yet. The new features, including bookmarks, data transfer, and button remapping, are sure to make the gaming experience easier and more accessible for everyone.

For starters, news can now be bookmarked to view at a later time. However, an internet connection is required and the news needs to be still published. In this sense, news cannot be saved indefinitely or on your Switch.

Data can now be transferred between the console memory and an inserted SD card. Previously, installed games would automatically be saved on one or the other without the option to choose where it was saved. Now, players will have the option to choose where they want to save the game data, clearing up memory. It should be noted that some files (like Animal Crossing) and save files generally cannot be transferred to the SD card.

The most significant change, however, is the ability to remap buttons on your controller. For the most part, this feature was tied to specific games and often, not all the buttons could be remapped. With the button mapping native to the Switch, players can now remap almost any button to any other button. It should be noted that only the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller are compatible with these features and that 5 different control profiles can be saved for each.

Other changes include being able to delete your play activity and new profile icons based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

For more information, check out Nintendo’s version update log.

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