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Not Quite VR: The Avegant Glyph, A Super Immersive Experience Headset

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Everybody’s jumping on the VR wagon – from HTC, to Samsung and Sony. Some guys, though, made a gadget that doesn’t quite disconnect you from the outside world like a virtual reality set does. Their Avegant Glyph will remind you of Geordi La Forge’ VISOR in design with one difference: it helps you experience another world completely, for hours in a row.

The guys over at The Verge had the chance to try it out and while it was a completely immersive experience, it gave them the possibility of interacting with the real world, too.  The idea behind the gadget is simple – it project images directly on the eyes, so while you can see everything in a game from first person perspective, you can still look down and see your shoes or up and see the neon lights.

It’s more narrow than a VR headset and it delivers hours of entertainment since it doesn’t require VR-supported media. Avegant Glyph works with 3D and 360 degree video as well as normal video games that you usually play on your console. Since it has a HDMI output, it can be connected to any device that supports the technology.

For $699, you get a headset with two eyepieces that have to be adjusted to line up with your eyes. Rotate them to get the image in focus and never forget to clean them before starting a game. Avegant Glyph comes with custom nose bridges too, so you can choose the one that best fits your face. That’s the good part – you can customize it so it fits snuggly and adjust the brightness settings for your eyes.

The drawback? It’s big and heavy, sometimes needing an extra accessory to keep it on.



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