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Shake, Throw And See Parrot’s New Disco Drone Fly At 80kph

Parrot’s brand-new drone can rival DJI’s best. The new lightweight, fixed-wing Disco drone can fly for 45 minutes and reach speeds of 80 kph #actionmagic

Disco is a two-winged drone with a single rear propeller that can give it extraordinary boost. All you have to do is shake it (literally), wait for the motor to start humming, then throw it in the air and control it remotely. Disco will immediately ascend to 50 meters in the air, where it will fly in circles until it receives your command. Alternate course by using the two remote sticks, the right for direction and the left for acceleration.

If that’s not fun enough for you, put your iOS or Android smartphone in the remote control holder and watch a live view from the Disco drone. Set the speed, altitude and distance limits from the app so Disco knows where to stop and veer. Want to record the breathtaking sights? Not a problem. This UAV is equipped with a wide-angle camera for photos and HD recording and stores up to 32GB of data.

That’s not all, folks. If were in the VR age, of course Parrot had to add a headset to complete the set. Parrot Cockpitglasses is a first-person-view (FPV) headset that works with your smartphone and USB cable. Don’t worry, the minute you want to ditch them and see where you’re putting your foot, the rear camera of the phone will activate.

Parrot’s Disco drone costs $1,300 but hey, for almost an hour of flight at an amazing speed, we say it’s worth the trouble.

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