Revised PlayStation 5 Model Hit Store Shelves

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The PlayStation 5 already has a new model. But current owners don’t need to worry as the change is fairly minor.

According to a report by VGC, a new model of the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition has been found in Australia based on an updated model number (CFI-11XX for the new model, with CFI-1XXX for the original).

The difference between the models is incredibly minor. The difference is a screw that is used to attach the console to the stand when the console is stood upright. The original screw required a screwdriver, while the new one can be screwed in by hand and looks to have a plastic-like cover in comparison.

The new console is 300g lighter than the original, but it is unclear if the difference is accounted for simply in the new screw. No other changes to internal hardware have been confirmed.

When it comes to new hardware, beyond mid-generation revisions, Sony is actively looking for ways to address the shortage of PlayStation 5s. This shortage is particularly exacerbated by the global semiconductor shortage. A new design is expected to go into production in 2022, but it also seems like this new model will be a relatively minor change.

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Revised PlayStation 5 Model Hit Store Shelves
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