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Roundshot Livecam, The First 360° Webcam That Blends Still Photos With Video

Seitz made quite the hybrid for photographers and videographers alike. The company presented Roundshot Livecam at Photokina, a 360° webcam that can combine still images with dynamic ones, bringing together the best of both worlds #fotomagic

The webcam is based on a RGB scanning camera and promises exquisite resolution and full-HD video. The best part is the fact that Hi-Res panoramas of up to 66 million pixels can be obtained at every 10 minutes, while the second camera captures videos in between. To really differentiate your products, the company is putting on the line an 18-55mm Canon zoom lens that can be controlled remotely.

Roundshot Livecam

Thanks to an added mini-computer, with embedded Linux OS, you get storage on SD cards, Wi-Fi connection and a cellular 3G/4G network module, both options at your discretion. Seitz says final results can be seen online (html5 or html4) or on Roundshot apps and… something tells us this isn’t so approachable as we thought.

In fact, when the company talks about target customers, it starts being obvious we’re not included: “A growing number of universities, schools, museums, hospitals, weather channels, airports, harbours and construction sites adopt the Livecam product for their diversified digital needs ranging from research + education, corporate marketing, weather observation, security and project documentation in time-lapse.”

And if you want to buy it still? You can of course, but it will cost you 6,350 euro. 



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Roundshot Livecam, The First 360° Webcam That Blends Still Photos With Video
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