TikTok Full-screen Button Shows Up: A New Nightmare for Youtube?

TikTok is going after YouTube with guns blazing and launching a full-screen button to compete with the biggest video platform in the world.

After earlier this year the company released the option to post 10-minute TikTok videos in order to better compete with the longer content YouTube is famous for, now some people are seeing a new TikTok full-screen button.

The feature will definitely come in handy for content creators, who can now make a single video that can be posted on both TikTok and YouTube without any formatting issues. Of course, it’s also great for users, who no longer have to squint at landscape-format videos and can instead watch them full-screen.

The feature is currently in testing, as TikTok confirmed to Techcrunch, but something tells us it’s going to be a hit and here to stay.

What do you think, what should YouTube do in response to better compete with TikTok?

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TikTok Full-screen Button Shows Up: A New Nightmare for Youtube?
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