Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumors: 8K Recording and 108MP Camera?!

If you thought phones shooting in 4K were pretty stellar, wait ‘till you hear this: 2020 will bring 8K! From none other than Android favorite, Samsung Galaxy!

8K will be a CES keyword again, as LG and Samsung will fight in the TV arena – no surprise there. However, next year, 8K will be the standard in filming, too, not just display resolution. Autel EVO 2 is the first drone set to come with 8K recording and Samsung Galaxy S11, the first Samsung phone to shoot in 8K. 

If last year, Samsung’s top phones were all about 5G and plenty of lenses, next year, the S11 will add a bit more spice to the same recipe. All the phones from Galaxy S11 will offer 5G, with the Plus model coming just in 5G, period. 

But how is Samsung gonna be able to offer that? With the new Snapdragon 865 chip or Exynos 990, depending on the region. Where it goes with Qualcomm’s chip, Samsung will have to opt for the separate X55 modem. It will be the only way to use the most performant chip from Qualcomm and provide 5G to users, although 4G connections will still work. 

How will that affect you? Think about it like this: if the chip can offer speeds of 7.5Gbps, the streaming quality will be off the charts! Killer games and apps will be immediately available and downloadable.

That’s not even the most attractive thing about the S11. Nope, the craziest thing is the Snapdragon chip supports 8K recording because it can process 2 gigapixels per second. Of course, we’ll have to see how Samsung packs that up, how will the rest of the hardware and storage look like. But odds are in their favor. 

Now, if you’re drooling at the idea of 8K filming, consider this: a phone with that ability would need a sensor capable of taking at least 33MP photos. So far, Galaxy devices topped at 16MP.

Tough luck, right? Until you remember who has the biggest phone camera sensor on the market now. 

The answer and more in the clip above!

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