Samsung S8 Bixby Assistant To Recognize Text And “Go” Shopping For You

In a couple of months, Samsung will unveil its next flagship smartphone, the rumored S8. We’ve heard abouts its design and key feature changes but nothing concrete about its virtual assistant and Siri’s big rival. Until now. It seems that Bixby, Samsung S8 AI, will not only listen to your commands but take initiative and make use of Samsung Pay for a little bit of shopping #mobilemagic

Bixby will use the S8’s camera to scan objects and text, making sense of them with OCR and the application network. It’s rumored that the go-to camera app will feature an extra button, the Bixby button. This will function like a call to your secretary, alerting the assistant you are in need of its help. Upon opening the camera, Bixby will start searching the object or text you’re pointing it at. 

Once identified, the assistant will go shopping for you. It will find the online shop that commercializes the object scanned and use Samsung Pay to make the purchase. It might also be able to tell you the location of the physical shop where that item or a similar one is stored.

Unlike Apple’s Siri, Bixby will be able to use Samsung Pay for direct mobile shopping, not just money transfers. That should make Samsung Pay more popular for users, but we’ll have to give a final verdict on that after March 29 when the device is expected to debut with a 99% screen-to-body ratio and no home button (possibly moved on the side of the phone). 


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Samsung S8 Bixby Assistant To Recognize Text And “Go” Shopping For You

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