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Sony Takes Samsung’s Idea Further With Video Recording Contact Lenses

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One month ago, Samsung’s patent for smart contact lenses came to surface, showing us a way to take photos simply by blinking and storing the data in your smartphone. Sony filed for a more complex one, that enables video recording and data storing #objectmagic

Sony’s lenses need to be worn only on one eye and use various moves for various functions. Closing your eyelid leads to switching on and off the camera; blinking swiftly, accidentally, is not taken into account by Sony sensors, making sure every time you use their lenses you do it consciously. During video recording, for example, blinking is taken into account so that the resulting black screens can be later deleted.

The contact lenses can be used as cameras, too; you can take photos with them, correct blurry images and use auto focus, zoom and aperture controls. The resulting data is stored on them, since the lenses include a storage unit and wireless processing unit, besides the camera.

To play the video recorded on the lens, you simply have to switch to display mode.

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