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SpaceX Is Getting Ready To Launch Falcon Heavy With Two Flight-Proven Boosters

falcon heavy spacex

After proving a rocket can finish a mission successfully with a used booster, Elon Musk and SpaceX are getting ready to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket, the world’s most powerful one, with two flight-proven boosters #todaymagic

Musk talked about a summer debut for its Falcon Heavy vehicle. SpaceX would send the rocket with a minor payload, if the first trial were to fail. According to Musk, it was “shockingly difficult to go from a single core to a triple-core vehicle.” The team spend months trying to find a way of safely launching a Falcon rocket with three cores or 27 engines. 

falcon heavy spacex

The plan is to use two flight-proven boosters from the first flight in a mission that’s likely to be watched by the whole world. After all, this rocket has the potential to carry more than  54 metric tons to low Earth orbit, 22 metric tons to geostationary transfer orbit, or 13.6 metric tons to Mars.  The company is going to try to recover all the boosters used. The side ones should land at the Air Force Station situated at Cape Canaveral, while the center one is expected to land on their floating drone ship. Falcon Heavy should launch from the Pad 39A, while all the Falcon 9 rockets will take off from SLC-40.

Musk’ plans for the rest of the year include trying to get back the second stage from the Falcon 9 missions and to refly a total of six boosters. After the successful SES-10 mission, the communications satellite operator from Luxembourg wants to fly with SpaceX again. They are on board for two more voyages with already-used Falcon 9 rockets, helping Musk achieve its goals in the meantime.

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