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Spotify Finally Starts Testing Their App On The Apple Watch


Spotify, being one of the leading music streaming platforms out there, is available on both the iOS and the Android systems but the service, in spite of numerous demands, didn’t give a lot of attention to the Apple Watch. Until now, that is.

Spotify has announced that it has started testing the app on the Apple Watch, with Beta testers already receiving access to it. For now, it looks like the first test version only allows them to control the playback online.

The users can still control the Apple Watch music without the app but only with limited functionality. Once the app will fully come through, more access to customized features is to be expected such as offline playback, playlist access and the ability to like songs.

The company has not made any official announcements just yet so we can assume the app is still a while away but we’ll keep you posted when we find out anything new.

Are you looking forward to having Spotify on your wrist or would you rather stick to Apple Music?

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