Spotify Launches New Feature For Podcasts In 26 Countries
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Spotify Launches New Feature For Podcasts In 26 Countries

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Spotify has been working hard to keep its top spot in the music streaming industry. The company has been rolling out features and offering different subscription types in order to improve the experience on the platform.

The latest update brings a new feature to the podcast section. You can now discover trending podcasts and see charts with the most popular ones. Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts are available starting today in 26 countries. The Top Podcasts charts will also be available by podcast category for seven markets, including the United States, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, and Australia.

Image: Spotify

On Android and iOS, the new feature can be found in Search/Browse / Podcasts / Podcast Charts. Trending Podcasts cover the fastest-climbing podcasts of the moment, identified using a unique algorithm blend, while Top Podcasts include the overall most popular podcasts. The Top Podcasts section is updated monthly while Trending Podcasts are updated in real-time. 

Image: Spotify

With the podcast charts, Spotify will also refresh the experience for Podcasters on the platform. Podcast creators will receive a notification alerting them when they are charting. The notification will include a card that can then later be used as a visual promoting the news across social media.

It is rumored Spotify is also working on adding videos to its platform, challenging YouTube in the video streaming market.

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