Steam Library Gets an Update and Other Features

Steam Library Gets an Update and Other Features

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Launched in 2003, Steam has been a vital hub for PC gamers. The platform has constantly been updated with the latest games, but now it will get fresh coat of paint. Releasing September 17, Steam Library Beta will be available to the public.

According to a blog post on Steam’s Community page, users will soon have access to a completely revamped library. To start, players will now be able to their game library in a more aesthetically pleasing way thanks to big game icons. Additionally, you’ll be able clearly see what games you have played recently, what your friends are playing, and what games you might like. Shelves, too, offer a quick way to sort through games based on how you categorize them (for example, RPG, shooter, etc.).

On top of a visually impressive revamp of the library, Steam is now making it easier for you to see what has changed in your games thanks to the new Events feature. Not only will you be able to see updates, but you will also have a clearer notification for when games host in-game events.

From a game creator perspective, the Events feature gives new tools to interact with fans and ensure that the widest audience sees the new features. New tools include required cover images, better text editor to embed videos or images, and an announcement date scheduler to prepare posts ahead of time.

More information is expected to come before the 17th, but until then, we’ll have to wait and see what else Steam has in store for its users!

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