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Tactile Lightroom Console Looks Like A DJ Mixer

Days come and go and you’re still in Lightroom, editing one photo after another? Probably your head and hands hurt. A way to give yourself a break is skipping the mouse and keys and opting for a DJ mixer-like controller #fotomagic

Loupedeck is a console for Lightroom full of knobs and wheels instead of keys. The idea is not just to relieve the pain in your fingers but also to provide a tactile feel to your editing work. The console is the size of a regular keyboard with a couple of standard keys for copying, pasting and zooming. The rest is made of knobs for adjusting contrast, highlights and shadows, exposure and scroll wheels that correspond to different color channels.

Besides twisting them right and left, you can also press on a dial or scroll wheel to undo your previous action and return to original value. As all cool and quirky devices, Loupedeck is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo with the hope of shipping next summer.

If you want to give it a go, keep in mind that the retail price will be $399, while an early-bird can help you purchase one for $249.

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Tactile Lightroom Console Looks Like A DJ Mixer
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