Blogger Says New iOS Feature Is ‘Astonishing’, ‘Breathtaking’ and ‘Compelling’

spatial video on apple vision pro

Any Apple launch is always accompanied by hype and hyperboles and this story about the latest iOS features is no exception.

Tech blogger John Gruber got to try spatial videos, an immersive 3D video format that’s set to debut on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and his mind was basically blown.

The famous blogger, who’s been around since almost the beginnings of the web and basically invented some of the web himself, wrote about the videos he took as being ‘astonishing’, ‘breathtaking’, ‘compelling’.

That’s a list of adjectives that might feel over the top and, then again, they might not if you take the time to read what Gruber wrote in his review of iPhone’s spatial videos. 

I mean, I felt the same way years ago when I first tried spatial audio, so Gruber’s article does make a lot of sense:

“Plain old still photos look amazing. You can resize the virtual window in which you’re viewing photos to as large as you can practically desire. It’s not merely like having a 20-foot display — âa size far more akin to that of a movie theater screen than a television. It’s like having a 20-foot display with retina quality resolution, and the best brightness and clarity of any display you’ve ever used… And then there are panoramic photos… Panoramic photos viewed using Vision Pro are breathtaking. There is no optical distortion at all, no fish-eye look. It just looks like you’re standing at the place where the panoramic photo was taken — and the wider the panoramic view at capture, the more compelling the playback experience is. It’s incredible…

As a basic rule, going forward, I plan to capture spatial videos of people, especially my family and dearest friends, and panoramic photos of places I visit. It’s like teleportation… When you watch regular (non-spatial) videos using Vision Pro, or view regular still photography, the image appears in a crisply defined window in front of you. Spatial videos don’t appear like that at all. I can’t describe it any better today than I did in June: it’s like watching — and listening to — a dream, through a hazy-bordered portal opened into another world…

Nothing you’ve ever viewed on a screen, however, can prepare you for the experience of watching these spatial videos, especially the ones you will have shot yourself, of your own family and friends. They truly are more like memories than videos”.

Once this feature exits beta, any iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max owner will be able to shoot spatial videos and watch them on Apple’s VR headset.

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