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If You Take Snacks Seriously, Check Out This Floating Tray!

Snacking time can take place on a lazy weekend or after-hours, at work. Either way, you’re bound to do chores and move from one place to another, leaving your snacks to cool or go stale. According to professional baseball player David Ortiz, that can’t happen. Ever. He takes snacks so seriously, that he co-created a floating tray for them #actionmagic

Believe it or not, Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox lives for jerky. He loves that thing so much, he can’t imagine going around his backyard without it. Calls, baseball practice – nothing comes before it, as you can see in the video above. So, Chef’s Cut invited him to develop “an autonomous flying snack tray”. The rectangular drone is programmed to follow a user’s specific distance and height, explains designer Andy Shen.

The idea is to have the floating tray within arm’s reach constantly, without moving more than your fingertips. Even baseball players get tired, so going around for a snack doesn’t seem feasible. Instead, JerkyBot follows him around, providing safe delivery, thanks to the grate that keeps propellers away from his fingertips.

Sadly, there’s no news of making the floating tray available for sale. The part drone, part cutting board device is, for the present moment, just an advertising gimmick.

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