App Uses Microsoft Hololens To Project George Takei On Your Kitchen Table

Until now, Microsoft Hololens seemed like a cool idea but hardly worth paying $3000 if you weren’t about to use it to the maximum. Apparently, the company realized that in time for fall, when they released an app that allows you to make your own mixed-reality videos. In Actiongram, you’ll have plenty of characters to add to your videos, including George Takei #realitymagic

Indeed, the actor who played Sulu in Star Trek is not putting shenanigans aside. In fact, George Takei registered a multitude of cool effects and actions you can superimpose on a clip filmed with the AR headset. Takei can be seen laughing and sword wielding in front of the green screen while you can project him on your kitchen table or near your cat (wouldn’t that make for an Internet sensation?!).

Speaking of cats, the themed packs found in Actiongram include Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, dinosaurs, unicorns, historical figures – pretty much everything you couldn’t have access to record today.

The app was build to be very simple and bring this technology to the every day user. By simply placing, resizing and recording holograms like George Takei in the real world you can bring surreal scenarios to the world. Unlike some months ago, now everyone has access to this app, yet the developer headset is still, unfortunately, priced at $3000.

But, hey, no one said making a new reality would come easy…

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