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The Most Stealth Drone In Existence Is A… Bird

As small as you make them, drones can still be distinguished on the open sky. In a cloudless day, you can clearly see the UAV soaring and watching your every move. But aeronautic engineer Edwin Van Ruymbeke found a way to “fool” the sharpest observers by designing his drone like a bird #actionmagic

Edwin’s passion for mechanic birds is a family trait. The Van Ruymbeke created the first man-made bird in the 60s. Now, the French engineer took it a step further by making it fly in different modes, all controlled from your smartphone.

The Bionic Bird drone has an “indestructible foam body and replaceable carbon fiber tail and wing structure” that makes it act naturally in the air, like a real bird. Its speed can be managed from the Flying App, as well the mode of flight – slow if you are indoors, normal if you are out in the open. By the way, expect it to reach a speed of up to 12.5 mph outside, with a 100 metres range signal.

If you want to evade predators, just make it turn by tilting the smartphone. When the bird’s beginning to slow down, recharge it with a portable egg-shaped device. In just 12 minutes, you can give it enough juice for 10 flights lasting up to eight minutes each.

But how about video recording? This feature is not yet available for the Bionic Bird but it should come in winter.  The bird drone app works with devices that have Apple iOS 7 or Android 4.3 and later versions.

If it’s the kids you want to please with a new toy (even if it doesn’t stream video), you can buy one from their official site, for 100 euros.

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