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Porsche Mission E Car Could Make You Forget All About Tesla’s Vehicles

When you talk about electrical vehicles, Tesla is probably the first company that comes to mind. Porsche wants to change that, though, and reinforce your belief in vehicles that give you an adrenaline rush but are also environmentally friendly #automagic

Here’s where Misson E comes in. This electric car is a beauty in the automotive industry. A sleek design complements great features, like wireless charging, through plates hidden under the car, balanced weight thanks to the battery that stretched through the entire underbody and the equivalent of 600 horsepower.

It has a range of 250 miles but can reach 310 miles on a fully charged battery, much more than Tesla’s model cars. The battery recharges  80% in just 15 minutes and it can go at a top speed of 150mph! You don’t have to wait long either; Mission E goes from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds.

Since it’s a smart car, engineers equipped it with eye-tracking technology that monitor the driver’s alertness and focus. Finally, one peculiarity concerns the side mirrors. Instead of showing off the surroundings, they are replaced with video streaming on the windshield – we’re not so sure we dig that, since it seems a bit restrictive.

Porsche wants to put the car on the market by 2019, so it plans to hire 1400 people to work on the project, hoping to produce 15.000 cars/year. But they’re harder to find than expected…

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