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GoT Dream Come True: Ride A Dragon In This Nokia OZO VR Experience

You might not have Targaryen blood to walk from fire unharmed like Daenerys from Game of Thrones, but you can ride a dragon like the fierce Stormborn leader. How? In the cool VR experience created with Nokia Ozo in partnership with The Walt Disney Studios #realitymagic

The team behind Nokia’s professional, rounded VR camera with 8 microphones filmed in New Zealand, incorporating also CGI effects to create Pete’s Dragon, Elliot, from the upcoming Disney film with the same name. In the new, immersive stereoscopic experience you can ride Elliot through the sky and canyons of Millhaven, feeling for the first time what it’s like to see the world from atop a dragon!

The whole thing is pretty cool and it’s not the first 360-degree video project Nokia has done for Disney. They have already worked with the cast and crew on one inspired by  “The Jungle Book,” and you might have even seen or read about the livestream done for Pink at the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” premiere. But “Pete’s Dragon: Elliot’s Flyover” is, by far, the most exciting one, combining humanity’s dream to fly, one mythical creature and the commodity of doing everything from your livingroom.

Check it out with the SamsungVR app or the 2D 360-degree content via YouTube and Facebook.

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