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Amazing Camera “Flies” You To The Moon And Lets You Play With Zoom

Frank Sinatra dreamt at a chance to “fly to the moon” and “play among the stars”. Now, if you have a kickass camera with extreme zoom, you can see the moon closely from the ground #fotomagic

SciTech Universe posted an unbelievable video on YouTube showing how a Nikon P900 can take you closer to the natural satellite of the Earth. Simply by pointing the camera in the early evening towards the sky, locking in on the Moon and zooming in, it was able to capture every crater of the Moon and see it in all its splendor.

In order to achieve that, the user took with him a 24-2000mm lens and put in an 83x optical zoom. Basically, the “holy mother of zooming” as SciTech points out in the video.

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