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Canada Decided To Prosecute Criminals on the Moon

After years of praise for astronauts daring to go into space, Canada boldly does what no other country wanted to do: keep them accountable for their crimes (whatever they may be). The country modified its laws to prosecute those that commit crimes in outer space.

New laws allow Canada to prosecute astronauts that are guilty of crimes on or en route to the moon. This ammendment doesn’t just refer to their own, but to other countries’ astronauts as well, as long as they are guilty of crimes against Canadian astronauts.

Seems like an April Fools’? Not a chance! The law actually reads,

A Canadian crew member who, during a space flight, commits an act or omission outside Canada that if committed in Canada would constitute an indictable offence is deemed to have committed that act or omission in Canada.

In fact, if you didn’t know, Canada had already thought about ways to bring to justice the guilty parties on the International Space Station.

Now, they seem to refocus on the moon after they’ve earned two crew flights on NASA’s Artemis Program by allowing them to use the Canadarm3 smart robotic arm system.

To note, there have been only 14 Canadian astronauts in history.

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Canada Decided To Prosecute Criminals on the Moon
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