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Meet Ventje, a Car Made The for Work-From-Anywhere Types


Ventje is the perfect car for those working in the new hybrid and remote work systems.

According to Frank Westland, industrial designer, “with us, stretching out really means stretching out. With an extra-long bed of 195 cm, this camper is also comfortable for tall people. Pleasant, washable fabric. The darkened, completely closing curtains ensure ultimate peace of mind. Fresh air is cleverly arranged via multiple ventilation points.”

How does it work? To build a Ventje, it takes a VW Transporter van and CNC precision to makeover the interior into a functional space for living, work, or cooking. Yes, cooking, because Ventje offers a functional indoor kitchen. The kitchen integrates two propane gas burners along with an electric fridge, and 10 liters of water. Moreover, the interior can be converted into outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying sunny days.

The vehicle has a leisure battery that provides 4x USB charging points and can be charged off the alternator while driving or via an alternative 180W solar panel. According to the manufacturer, the battery will last three or four days.

Ventje can convert into a 140cm x 195cm bed that sleeps that can accommodate up to four people, after folding away the table.

If the vehicle managed to impress you, you can get it for €50,000 when Ventje provides the second-hand T5. When starting off a brand new T6.1, the costs will elevate to €70,000.

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Meet Ventje, a Car Made The for Work-From-Anywhere Types
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