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The Solar Probe From NASA Is Ready To Embark On Its Solar Journey

Credit: NASA

NASA announced its Parker probe project at the start of July and we’ve been in awe of it ever since.

The Parker Solar Probe was built to go around the sun for the next seven years and it will gather data about the Sun’s corona, which is still shrouded in mystery, as well as collect information about solar winds and help improve space weather forecasts in the future.

Now the probe is finally ready to be sent ahead towards its mission to mingle with the Sun and it will launch early Saturday morning from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

It will be backpacking on a Delta IV Heavy rocket which will send the probe towards the inner Solar System. After about six weeks, Parker will pass Venus, which will alter its route just a bit and, within another six weeks, it will finally reach the Sun’s corona.

Credit: NASA Goddard / Youtube 

Over the next seven years, Parker will orbit around the Sun 24 times, in addition to the Venus flybys, which will help it get close and close to the Sun each time.

The data Parker will send to Earth will be unique, as it is the first space vehicle that will manage to get this close to the sun in our entire space history. The team at NASA is certain they will get data that will completely surprise them and honestly, we can’t wait to be surprised as well.

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